About us


We are sincerely happy to see you here! Thank you for your interest in our services! Our main aim is to organize your comfortable stay in a friendly capital of the Republic of Belarus, situated exactly in the centre of Europe and make it of a highest quality.
We would be delighted to greet you at our apartments.
Your choice is very important to us.
Yours sincerely,
Minsk Apartment Service


We offer private apartment rental service of a highest quality. You can rent a fully furnished and well equipped flat either for short or long term stays (from one hour to a month) and book a flat matching a wide array of budgets (“Economy” or “Premium Class”) in any part of the city as well as in the historical center or in down town.
Short-term rental apartment (for one day) is a kind of service, organized professionally. All short-term rental apartments are furnished and well equipped so that to make your stay comfortable. House-maid’s services are included into the price. Our drivers are ready to meet you at the airport or at the station.
Our short-term rental apartment service is of a highest quality.
One of “Minsk Apartment Service” company’s conditions is to provide official and transparent work so that to make your stay safe and reliable. You get documents in accordance with a form, proving your stay at our place (the kind of documents you need to give an account to accounts department). We accept payments either by written order or in cash (remittance for companies and private persons).
Principals of our work:
 1. Individual approach to every client.
 2. Exact understanding of our client’s wishes and preferences.
 3. Permanent willingness to offer alternative variant.
 4. Correct and professional manner of communication.
 5. We guarantee absolutely confidential service. Information about our clients is not divulged.
 Our company works in three main directions:
1. Business visits
In this case are clients are mostly managers of belorussian and foreign companies.
Our motto in organizing business visits is: business should go together with comfort.
A lot of managers who go on business trips prefer to rent one of our apartments, not book a room at the hotel. And there is nothing out of the ordinary in their choice. It is much more pleasant to feel oneself at home after work, as it helps to relief stress and tiredness.
2. Travel tour
As a matter of fact it is much cheaper and comfortable to rent a flat for one day while travelling than stay at a hotel. We provide our quests with a service of a highest quality in a home-like atmosphere where it is so nice to stay with a family.
Our apartments are situated in the hearts of historical and cultural center of the city. All the flats are located close to the underground, including train station.
3. Private meetings
One-day apartment rental in Minsk means comfort, solitude, cosiness. We guarantee that’s all the information about our clients won’t be divulged.
In the year 2007 we celebrated 10 years of successful work. Our permanent clients’ trust proves the highest quality of our work.
We are always delighted to greet new guests and acquaintances. We also thank our permanent clients for their trust and choice.