Two-room De-luxe #13 Voiskovoi Alley - Two-room luxury apartment


We are delighted to offer you a two-room flat situated in the heart of Victory Square. The apartment is located in a calm historical center not faraway from a river with a picturesque park near it and one of the most beautiful squares of the city – Victory square. Underground is only a few minutes’ walk from the apartment.

The flat built in the times of Stalin’s governing has a steel door and signaling system. There are two isolated rooms in the flat. Pleasant modern interior is organized in a classical style. Repairs of a highest quality have been done. There is good furniture, thermopane, and parquet on the floor + ceramic tile. Decoration of the living hall is done in nice light-beige colours. There is a TV set and “Phillips” video system, 26 channels TV. The second room is done in a modern style. Light-blue colours are used in decoration. In case you need to have business visits, the room would be ideal. There is a large computer table with a comfortable arm-chair, modern furniture, beds for two people. There is a fitted mirror wardrobe for luggage and clothes in the hall.

The kitchen is fully equipped. It has two camers fridge, “Samsung”  microwave oven, gas oven, electrical kettle, all the ishes. The kitchen is very warm and cozy.

The bathroom is separated. German ceramic tile and imported engineering are used, bathroom has a classical shower. There is also a modern washing machine “Indesit”.

You can spend a night in warm and cozy surroundings of a new respectable club “Chicago” or other different cafes and restaurants, all situated not faraway. The real advantage of the flat is its location – in a quiet center, separated from street’s noise and fuss.  

There is a guarded parking, local amenities, and underground, good public transport system.

The flat would be convenient and indispensable for those who are on a business trip or travel with a family.


Short summary:

 - Entrance steel door, signaling system
 - Thermopane
 - Repairs of a good quality
 - Two beds
 - Fully equipped kitchen

 - Guarded parking
 - Historical center, park district
 - Underground

 - Local amenities 



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